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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sainte Anne de Bellevue...Again

As you approach Ste Anne de Bellevue one landmark stands out: the watertower. When we were kids my sister and I would argue over who saw it first as we returned from a trip out of town, driving our parents insane, but in a good way.

Last weekend my sister and her husband, Frank, drove down to visit us from Toronto. It was another of the gorgeous September weekends we've finally been enjoying. So we took one more trip down memory lane, wandering around the town of our childhood and realizing what a fine place it was to grow up in.

We start with a walk to the boardwalk to visit the Farmer's Market and choose a suitable restaurant of which there are many, all with outdoor terraces for the season. George is at the far right, waiting for us to catch up.

The market is accessible from the boardwalk or the main street.

This shot is taken from across the main street, rue Ste Anne.

Here's William, surrounded by his heavenly honey. He also sells some great goat cheeses.

Lots of lovely veggies.

This booth provided some entertainment. It appears they're sold out of produce. Just as well, it was almost closing time.

After the market we strolled along the boardwalk...

...and saw a lot of people and a lot of boats.

Some of these boats are waiting to go through the locks to the Lake of Two Mountains which is really a widening of the Ottawa River. But I suspect that many are tied up more permanently and use the canal as a venue for sun-worship and partying. It's certainly a lively spot on a beautiful day.

We walked to the end of the boardwalk to Peter's Cape Cod for a bite of lunch. Lynne and Frank look pretty happy about that.

Lynne is wondering what the people at the next table are having. She and Frank had roast beef which looked delicious. George and I had the grilled salmon, which WAS.

And of course we all descended on Ryan's house again and had our pictures taken at 25 Lamarche. Thanks, Ryan, you've been such a great host!


Knatolee said...

Hey, there's my buddy William! I haven't tried their goat cheese but Gordon is addicted to the goat yogurt. I have to get down to the market sometime.

You grew up in a great place.

Elisabeth said...

I was there just a week ago and ate at Annie's right on the waterfront. My girlfriend was in town from the States visiting her mother at the Vet hospital and St-Anne is just de right place to sit , relax and catch up.
Your pictures do capture the feeling of the place.

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