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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Menagerie in Montreal

O.K., summer is over and we're having a wonderful autumn so far and I know this will annoy some of you but I just did my Christmas shopping last Saturday in Montreal. Well, most of it anyway. And I did it all here. This is the Menagerie Experience....

Menagerie is part of the Beaux Arts building on the south side of Sherbrooke West.

The gardens are fabulous and designed by the owners, whom you will meet later in this post.

You go down a few steps and enter here.

Once you are inside Menagerie you feel as if you are in another world. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed with soft music in the background, (real music, not elevator) and so you slow down and take it all in. There is so much to see, a wonderful bazaar of beautiful and original things for your home or for gifts. If you visit give yourself a lot of time to look around.

This window looks out onto Sherbrooke Street.

Another window displays lamps, window hangings and elegant floor-length draperies.

Here's a wall of frames, trays, boxes and vases in leather, lacquer, metal and ceramic.

A row of silver (pewter?) birds wait to cross the road.

If it's pillows you're after this is the place! All one- of- a- kind. All gorgeous.

This pillow is all feathers.

This pillow needs to be adopted. By me.

This wall display, reflected in the green lacquered counter-top, features glass plates and paper weights by John Derian of New York, highly collectible signed pieces featuring birds, insects, animals and other whimsical subjects.

The two proprietors of this establishment are Anik and Jon, interior designers in both residential and commercial venues.

Here's Jon, looking busy. (Yes, he's my son and I'm a shameless promoter of his enterprise.)

M-M-M...I added to my collection of Margo Selby one-of-a-kind pillows from England. Her colours and patterns are delicious.

Here are the rest of my purchases...the question is, what will I give away and to whom? Another question is...what will I keep?


Joanna Olson said...

Mmmm, my kind of store! I must go look.
Thanks for the nudge.

Knatolee said...

I used to live on av des Pins, right beside Montreal General! Anyway, this store looks really cool and I'm wondering if it's on the part of Sherbrooke I used to walk along daily.

frannie said...

It's between Guy and St Matthieu, farther west of des Pins.

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