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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's On My Walls?

The following paintings are what is sometimes referred to as 'the artist's private collection', a phrase meaning they haven't been sold yet but the artist still likes them. In this case the artist (me) has decided to hang on to them and display them on her walls. Naturally everything has a price but I really enjoyed the space I was in when I did these, they make me happy, so I'm glad they were never sold.

The first four were done without any preconceived idea of where they would end up. They began with plaster applied with a spatula, acrylic splotches randomly applied and developed further with oil glazes as the ideas began to form.

This is one of my all-time favourites.

Another painting that just evolved.

I named it after a line from e.e.cummings' poem 'Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town'("with up so floating many bells down") simply because I liked the sound of it.

That's what I saw at the time...maybe you see something else. It doesn't really matter.

Using oil glazes and gold leaf I painted this to illustrate a poem about shattered minds. It is the only one in this group which began with a specific idea.


Ronna said...

Great images Fran. Love the "Spies" one especially!

Evlyn said...

I find it fascinating that so many of these pieces (and your work in general, now that I think of it) seem to involve water, things in water, fluidity. The photo at the top of your blog shows water -- then these wonderful paintings seem an extension of that with images of things floating, seen through pale blues and greens. I know your primary medium is water-colour -- could that have something to do with it? Very provacative!

frannie said...

Oh Evlyn, you have seen the connection! Also: I'm a Pisces.

goldenbird said...

Hi Frannie. I found you through Ronna's blog and wanted to leave a comment saying hello. It's been enjoyable reading your past posts and your artwork is amazing. I remember reading that ee cummings poem in a college literature class so many years ago. I still love his poetry. Take care, Stacy

frannie said...

Thanks Stacy, I'll check out your blog thru Ronna's.

Knatolee said...

I love seeing your creations.

廖佳怡 said...
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