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Friday, November 19, 2010

Return to Grant Road

Now we're back on Grant Road in Bella Coola to complete the series of six watercolours. The next house I visited belongs to a serious gardener and an equally serious musician. I didn't get to see inside the music studio but really enjoyed the gardens and meeting this little gargoyle as well as the owners of the property.

This shot just begins to illustrate how well-planned and varied these gardens are.

So when I painted this house I made a big deal of the flowers. I happen to love lilies and missed my own this summer because I was here. Just as well because when I got home I discovered that the red lily beetle had devoured all my plants.

At the south end of Grant Road is Moore's Market and this is the Moore's home. Tom and Kathy operate an organic food outlet as well as a market garden and greenhouse, supplying the Valley with plants, veggies and fruit, especially blueberries which were just starting to ripen while I was there.

Here's my granddaughter Alberta, sampling the blueberries.

And here's Finn, my grandson. The Moores are his other grandparents.

The greenhouse and the store keep Kathy and Tom busy all season. I hope they'll be able to start up again next year in spite of the setbacks caused by September's flood damage.

So this brings to an end my little watercolour series inspired by the houses of Grant Road. By the way, Andrew tells me the Tilt'n Hilton survived the deluge.


Odie Langley said...

Frannie I am so impressed with your awesome talent. The paintings are gorgious and of course your grandchildren are precious. I hope you will share more of your paintings as time goes along. Thanks

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I too am impressed. I love this series and have enjoyed seeing the inspiration photos the preceded the watercolors. You have such a talent!
To top it off your grandchildren are beautiful! :)

Calgaroo said...

OMG!..I absolutely love your photos..they are gorgeous..

Knatolee said...

Your grandchildren are as beautiful as your paintings!

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