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Saturday, January 16, 2010


What to make of January? A month of good intentions, though I learned long ago not to make huge whopping resolutions that can only make you feel like such a loser when you break them. So now I just go about my days trying to appreciate the good things, like our fish pond, which is frozen over now but will come to life again April.

And here's our tree of birds. Mostly mourning doves waiting for a chance to take over the feeder. Sometimes they sit there for hours, not making a sound, meditating on food.

A while ago we had some dratted freezing rain which kept us inside but made for some cool pictures like these.

Jailbird, Jailbird through my window...

Lately I've been doing what many of you have been doing: sorting through stuff with new resolve to start the year fresh. For me this involves a bit of a cull in my studio-again-and I've managed to turf some old canvasses and watercolours that had nowhere to go but the orange garbage bag. Then I had a relapse and thought I'd recycle the paper, turn it into papier- mache and make...masks...or bowls that I could decorate. Not a good idea! I soon remembered earlier attempts at this craft and what a lot of work it is. And as if to confirm my thoughts, Sam and Bridget got hold of one of my efforts before it was dry and tried to eat it. Yum, wallpaper paste!

So here I am down in the studio still wondering about the significance of everything. At least it's clean again, for now, and things ARE taking shape, just not papier-mache things.

The following pictures show our darling kitties helping me.

"I'll get you, Sam!"

" Now I'm the of the Castle!"

"One false move and I'll flatten you!"

"Ha! Look at me up here. If I hold this pose maybe nobody will notice. But that's crazy because I know I can't sit still for more than a second." (And with that she climbed to the top of the drapes.)

"Well, I don't need to do all that posing, I just have to look gorgeous."

So cheers, everybody and here's to good intentions.


Evlyn said...

The picture of the kitty (is that Bridget?) sitting on the desk looking back over her shoulder is wonderful. I could see that as the basis for a terrific painting. Yes -- here's to appreciating things and to good intentions. (It's nice to know that someone else is musing on the same things I have been thinking of lately.)

frannie said...

Thanks for the comment Evlyn. In fact it's Samanda up there but they don't worry about names. Hope to see you soon at ATCs.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Hi Frannie....
I am finally back amongst the living and tryong to catch up with you and what you have been doing. Your kitties have grown up since I last saw them. Just did not have any time
to read blogs for the last 5 months of doing my commission.

Looks like they should have been named Double and Trouble!

sd&jd said...
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Knatolee said...

THose kitties are getting so big! And mischievious. :)

廖佳怡 said...
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