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Saturday, January 2, 2010

All About Eggs

For Christmas my son Jon gave me some lavender and purple orchid soaps from his store 'Menagerie'. That got me thinking about eggs. As a young kid I was allergic to eggs but was always fascinated by them, loved to watch my Dad slice off the top of a soft-boiled one and dab in his toast. It was such a ritual. So here's my little riff on eggs.

This egg was decorated many years ago by my niece Joanna. The paint has faded and when you shake the egg you can hear the petrified contents thump around inside. It's very special and I'm amazed it has survived so long.

Which came first? Mom used to collect glass ornaments and this is my favourite.

Now here's a recipe for eggs that you might find appropriately simple after the holiday eating-fest. It's called 'Cheese and Eggs' and was 'taught' to me by my husband. In fact this is the dish he made for me during our courting days and is indeed a throwback to his bachelorhood. (George also used to visit the local butcher and trade wrapping-paper for choice cuts of meat including heart, tongue and liver, sometimes a steak. How could a girl refuse such gifts?)

So you start with onions, a goodly amount, simmering in water till most of the water is gone.

To the onions add some milk, the eggs and a bit of butter. Notice how photogenic these particular eggs appear?...that is because they come from Natalie's hens who are raised on a gourmet diet.

Now smother the lot with cheese and keep simmering till it looks like the next picture.

Perfect. The yolk's not broken and is ready for dibbing with the toast. This is a good comfort dish and really easy to fix. Happy New Year!


Ronna said...

Thanks for the recipe Fran. And Happy New Year to you and George!

frannie said...

Ronna, I bet you can adapt it to accommodate poutine.

Evlyn said...

I like the idea of thinking about eggs for the new year. After all, eggs are a symbol of beginnings. So Happy New Year Fran, thanks for the ideas (and the yummy looking recipe), and may 2010 open up to bring wonderful things for all of us.

frannie said...

Thanks Evlyn, hope to see you soon, cheers to you for the new year.

Knatolee said...

Fran, my hens are pleased you are doing your best to make them famous! :)

This looks quite yummy and I am looking forward to trying it with a still-warm eggs from the coop.

I love your ornaments and the soaps, too. Your niece's egg is so pretty.

Happy new Year to you and George!

frannie said...

Thanks Knat, the recipe is for days when all you can think of is eggs. This happens to me a lot. Will you bring me more on the 21st?

Lynne said...

Finally checked in, and LO ! You had posted new things. The start of the New Year feels complete now. Green Eggs and Spam. Love you.

frannie said...

And not a grinch in sight.

sd&jd said...
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