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Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's Not On My Walls

This is me circa 1998, painting by our little pond in Chemainus. What follows is a retrospective of some of the paintings I've sold over the last thirty or so years. These are the ones I was clever enough to record; there were many others that I'll never see again but wish I could.

I'm going to take a little break from regular blogging for awhile in order to spend more time with my paints so please enjoy these images while I try to create more. And please comment, I love your comments!

'The Waterford'
This and the two next paintings were commissioned by their respective owners while we lived in Chemainus, on Vancouver Island, 'The Little Town That Did'.

Another restaurant on Willow Street...I can't remember the name any more.

'Castle Cove Inn'
A Chemainus B&B on the ocean.


You could say this and the following three paintings are from my Blue Period. It's the only one done in oils. Originally I had painted her naked but decided to clothe her, it was too distracting with all the fish around.

'The Bride'
The white fish is being pursued by a posse of males all hoping to pass on their DNA.

'Enough Is Enough'
Mixed media with glazes, glitter, sequins and metal bits.

'The Way Out'
A mixed-media piece, featuring plaster, oil glazes, fabric and gold leaf, this concludes my Chemainus- oriented work.
The following images were done in Hudson during the 80's.

Here's a scene from what was the Hudson Gift Shop. It has changed hands and roles many times since then.

'Red Umbrella'
Hudson nostalgia: Legg's store with a bit of Glassblowers' Cottage at left. Both just a memory.

'Is This Seat Taken?'
From the terrace at the Hudson Yacht Club.

'Churchyard Gate'
( St. James Church, Hudson.)

'Tiny Maple'
This small watercolour is part of a series I did on Rigaud Mountain, near Hudson.

'Blue and Gold'
Nothing says summer more than this. Our kids used to play in the gully near the house, building forts and fishing for pollywogs. In winter we could skate on the frozen stream.

A true nature morte subject. Dead and wizened since their Christmas forcing these narcissi inspired me to paint them in spring. I still have the bowl which was created by my friend Glenda, though some bits have broken off over the years.

'Snow Shadows'

'Red Sled'
This late afternoon scene was taken from Simon's Farm before it was sold to developers. In those days we could hire Mr. Simon to take us for a sleigh ride all around his property. We did it for Andrew and his little friends one birthday many years ago.
And so concludes my little retrospective. Bye for now.


Ronna said...

Fran, love the retrospective! Just fabulous!! I especially love the second to last one, the Snow Shadows. WOW!!

frannie said...

Don't you was part of that workshop I gave, or something like it.

Joanna Olson said...

I just saw another one of your wonderful house paintings this week. "The Brule's Residence".
Plus the one that I have from so many years ago,
Apples in an oval frame.
Thanks for the retrospective!

frannie said...

Wow! I'd forgotten about that. That was a biggie!

Lynne said...

Well, this was worth the wait ! Lots of paintings I have never seen, and of course, WANDA. I look at the beauty of that painting in my livingroom every day. The colours seem very blue on my screen, though. I'll try to take some photos to send you of her, and also some other works of yours I own. Enjoy your "creative" time with your paints, Sis.
Love you.♥

frannie said...

I'm so glad you have Wanda and yes she looks bluer here than on your wall. Can't figure out how to adjust the colours and should probably take some lessons.
Thanks for the support.
(Did you really write this at 4:o9 pm? )

Lynne said...

No, actually it was 4:09 AM. I sent you some photos of more of your work. Did you get them ?


Evlyn said...

What wonderful work, Fran. It is a treat just to look at it when I take my breaks at work. And I agree with Ronna -- the "Snow Shadows" painting is marvelous. Very inspiring -- it makes me want to paint again. I am looking forward to seeing your new stuff.

Knatolee said...

Your work is so beautiful, Fran. I just love it.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I can not even begin to figure out which one was my favorite. I am such an fan of your work. Thank you for the retrospective it was breathtaking.

Michael said...

Frannie: You're certainly a very talented watercolour artist and one who produces a lot of original spontaneous paintings. Both your realistic and figurative paintings are captivating. Keep up the great work and please post your works.

sd&jd said...
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Kim said...

Ok, now it is time to do battle with the ex-husband to get the painting back... the one of the street scene in Montreal. I wonder how much he wants for it?

廖佳怡 said...
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