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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Trying to Enjoy Autumn

Maybe it's because we've had such a non-summer followed by a few glorious weeks in September then bang, a crashing descent towards winter, by-passing our usual Indian Summer over the Thanksgiving weekend but I have been feeling more melancholy these last few days. My tristesse is compounded by seeing George mow his last lawn of the season yesterday, though he is undoubtedly not unhappy about that . And then he put the mower in the shed and retrieved all the parts of the snow-blower hut, ready for assembly. He also put the lawn chairs away. And the big umbrella. And I cleaned off the cushions that have been outside all summer. And took down the hummingbird feeder. All the sad chores are being done. There are a few more to take care of but I'm still holding out for a slight warming trend so we can do them in relative comfort.

One thing that's still looking good is our pond. So here are a couple of recent shots as an attempt on my part to lighten up the mood. My mood default setting is usually hopeful and seeing the water so clear and the fish so healthy- looking gives me a lift.


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Oh I am with you on the return of winter. Seems we had very little summer and this early cold spell is not welcomed by me. Bob is doing all the outside work since I am tied down doing this commission, so I go out and find that my entire deck is cleared of all the pots of impatients and coleus as they went fast during that freeze, plus the cushions etc. It is almost a shock to have it there one day and gone the next.

Oh well...there is no stopping it that is for sure.

I like your default setting. :)

Evlyn said...

It is amazing how watching the fish in one's pond can help. I have been enjoying my pond in a different way this fall. I still have some water lettuce floating around and my fish hide under them, coming out sometimes to dart around. Your photos of your fish are great -- I can see how it would be mesmerizing to watch them.

Knatolee said...

I am NOT dealing well with the cold weather and looming winter this year. I blame it on the non-summer. ANyway, I feel your pain, although we are way behind you on putting away garden furniture. I'm in denial!!

sd&jd said...
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