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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Soon we will be entering the Piscean realm and so as a bit of a segue from my last post I thought a fishy series appropriate. (Several members of my family share this sign, including me.)

Here's an unfinished project I might work on again. It's what I call a stencil resist: I cut the image from plastic, dipped the sheer fabric into an acrylic bath and let it dry. The shadowy outlines just appear as part of the process. I've started the embellishment with gold thread. Where it goes from here is the question......

I haven't decided what to do with this Art- Nouveau -style fish. It's trapuntoed, beaded and embroidered and has been stashed in a basket for quite awhile. Either a cushion cover or a small hanging is what I'm thinking...just not sure yet.

The transparency of water and glass are featured here, showcasing, of course, a fish.

This watercolour is called 'Magic Window'.

And to complete the series here's my grandson, whose first birthday is on the 19th, the beginning of the sign of Pisces. His name, by the way, is Finn.


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Beautiful fish and beautiful grandson! Love the name, how fitting!!!

frannie said...

Thank you, thank you. Unfortunately Finn lives very far from us and I last held him in July. So I was envious of you when you said you'd be looking after your grandson for 3 days!

javajazz said...

such beautiful artwork,
Aunt Frannie...!
and Pisces..!
one of my most
favourite signs!
i love how you have
depicted such
in your designs,
and wonderful
use of colours...!
very gentle, flowing...
and Finn,
what a cutie...
perfect name
for a Pisces too...!

frannie said...

Such kind words, Lisa. The trick is to always swim against the current. That's how fish survive!

javajazz said...

stay out of the frypan...

i love that
(do you call it a) painting?
of you gazing at
the fish "ball"...
its so expressive,
so accurate...!
how do you do it?
i mean, i know thats like
asking someone
how do you play jazz, know...
its quite a gift
being a visual artiste...!