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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Decor

For a while nothing was safe from my brush. I painted this old trunk with strewn rose-petals, sold it and hunted down more things to decorate.

I painted on tables.

I'd just been to an exhibition of Klimpt paintings and was inspired to cover this coffee table with Klimpt-ish designs. I used gold paint, not real gold leaf as he often did to embellish his works.

I cut stencils of various leaf shapes, sponged through with acrylics then added details using artist oil paint. It's a drop-leaf table, right?

...and chairs. Voila the peony chair.

Here's an ice-cream parlour chair with a wooden seat, transformed into a goldfish pond. (Note my sandalled feet at left.) Seeing this again makes me wonder how our fish are doing under two feet of snow and unknowable inches of ice. Last year all but one survived only to reproduce and then be eaten by a heron. Actually two adults did escape becoming lunch and are still in there along with a few dozen small fry. But are they dead or alive? The answer will appear in future posts.


Ronna said...

Love the fish chair. And am curious about your goldfish in that marvellous pond of yours. Can't wait till spring and you go fish!

frannie said...

As we did last year, a champagne celebration if they survive. And if not, we'll get more fish and have champagne anyway. You're invited.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I love it all! Love the dropleaf table play on words. Just great.
I wish I could have you paint some of the furniture that I have here and is not selling. I am sure it would if it had your designs on it.

I used to paint.....but do I have time now? That is always the question.

frannie said...

I'd love to oblige, paint on your furniture, but is anything selling these days, painted or not? This is a time to lie fallow for awhile and wait for the appetites to return.

Meanwhile we must paint or stitch just because we must.

javajazz said...

i love that fishy chair!
how wonderfully whimsical!
i honestly thought
they were real
and then had to
enlarge to photo
to really take a good look!
man, you are truly
a gifted artiste..!

Knatolee said...

These are all lovely but the goldfish chair is my very favourite!!