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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Early Art

My Mom was a devoted saver of memorabilia,
particularly the childish artifacts my sister and I produced.
I drew these little gems while in Kindergarten.

Here is a self-portrait.

My hero, Peter Pan.

My Minimalist period. 'Traffic Light and Cat'

Here I am in my Cubist phase.
And as you can see from the next two images
I am just as sentimental as my Mom.

My son Andrew painted this lion during a childrens' art class
I was giving for eight-to eleven-year-olds. Great colour dynamics.

This locomotive was painted by my son Jon when he was about four.
I love the way he let the colours run together.
It's still in my box of treasures.


Ronna said...

Don't you wish that as adults we could still paint like that?

frannie said...

Yes. Picasso said the same thing and I think he succeeded.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Not sure any of my early art work still exists. I was the second oldest of 9 children and I believe my mother just could not hang onto everything. You are lucky to still have these charming memories.

frannie said...

Wow! One of nine-that must be exciting, or is it? I can't imagine being in such a large family. Your Mom must have had to be very practical.

marlana said...

Yes, my son's and daughter's early artworks are my most precious collector's items. My daughter printed her hands on a tea towel in a kindergarten art class and I still use it regularly. She is now 32!