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Monday, September 6, 2010

My Bella Coola Barn

This is the barn I lived in during my recent visit to Bella Coola. I'd wanted my own pied-a-terre rather than bunking in with Andrew and his family; even though it was offered I prefer my own space during a longish stay. So Andrew kindly reserved this residence for me. It's at the end of Grant Road, a nice fifteen minute walk from where Andrew lives. It was perfect!

When I reached the second floor this is what was waiting for me; Kim and Andrew had arranged for this gorgeous bouquet from Moore's Market, also on Grant Road, and a bottle of red wine. I was set.

The kitchen had everything I needed including a good supply of herbal tea and fruit.

My bed was situated behind this unique spiral staircase. These stairs lead to the third floor and two more bedrooms but I never ventured up because of their lack of a handrail and attacks of vertigo whenever I made an attempt. Instead I used the steps as a handy place to hang my clothes.

When lying on my bed this is how I viewed the staircase. I also enjoyed the funky colours on the pink and orange.

The views from my windows offered these natural sculptures...

...including the requisite abandoned VW bus. 
I did not take pictures of the good sized bathroom and laundry facilities but I must remark on the efficiency of the composting toilet, a new experience for me. It worked just fine.

I think this little thumbnail gives a good overview of the resourcefulness of the people who live in the Bella Coola Valley. Everyone I met was ecologically responsible and respectful of the natural habitat. And the drinking water there is wonderful!  


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

What fun accommodations. Perfect for some privacy at the end of the day and with a fantastic view to boot.
Love it!

Evlyn said...

My favourite photograph is the view of the spiral staircase from underneath, when you are on your bed. It evokes a childhood feeling -- how one sees the ordinary phenomena of one's environment as a child. The staircase becomes very magical when seen underneath, like some sort of exotic flower.

frannie said...

Barbara, I needed that quiet space after spending unaccustomed time with my energetic grandkids.

Evlyn, I never thought about the exotic flower angle. You always have such an original take on things!

Christine's Arts said...

beautiful photos. you have a good eye and I love the barn!

Jen said...

Beautiful life ~ I enjoyed roaming through your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

That's really cool, who would think?

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