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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Small Watercolours

       Several years ago I was visiting my son Andrew in Bella Coola, British Columbia.It's a pretty remote area of central coast B.C. with endless views of breathtaking natural beauty. So of course I had packed a tiny sketch book and watercolour supplies and was able to do many tiny paintings of the surroundings. The day I painted Mount Nusatsum, above, was the only time we had some fog, making the mountain disappear into the sky.

                                                                                                                                                             There were some Lombardy Poplars near my cabin, ancient and covered with lichen.

                                                                                                                                                             Some friends of Andrew let me sit in their yard one afternoon and paint their front wall and gate.Again I was intrigued by the mossy patina of the old stone wall.These friends also took us on a "drift" down the Bella Coola River which meanders through the entire valley out to the Pacific. A drift boat is a banana-shaped rowboat and Phil, the owner, was our expert oarsman. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera for that memorable experience and painting 'en pleine aire' was out of the question.

 On Mothers' Day Andrew arrived at my cabin with this bouquet of flowers which he'd swiped from a neighbour. Naturally I had to capture that moment which I now share with you and all the mothers in the world. Have a wonderful Mothers' Day!


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Knatolee said...

Before I even read the post, I immediately thought "Bella Coola" when I saw that first painting. Lovely art, Fran, as always.

frannie said...

Thanks, Knat, I'll be going back this summer. More paintings coming.

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