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Monday, May 25, 2009


To continue with the theme of fairies and enchanted creatures I'd like to share some more of my early childhood influences. My Dad used to read to me a lot and HIS favourite story was The Waterbabies by Charles Kingsley. I must admit that as a very young child I found the going a bit heavy and much preferred The Adventures of Danny Meadowmouse by Burgess or tales from the gruesome Brothers Grimm ( though Peter Pan remained on top of my list).
I must also confess that I've never read the unabridged Kingsley version though I love the illustrations in the above pictured book, but more than anything I'm captivated by the idea of the existence of waterbabies. Thanks, Lynne, for finding this edition in the Oshawa Library.

This illustration by Mabel Lucie Attwell is from a shorter version of THE WATERBABIES which I read to my own children one Christmas Eve. I think all her illustrations are charming. Do you remember Kewpie Dolls?

A fossil is proof that a thing existed, right?

Though I am old
I'll never die
Or cry...or lie.

A walk across the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto with my sister, Lynne, a few years ago inspired me to create this image for the Fairy Fossil series. It was a bright September day and Lake Ontario sparkled below us...

High atop the Bluffers' Cove
I danced the diamonds off the lake
and hid them in my treasure-trove
to show you when you wake.

And here we are within the elements, earth, sea and sky.

A little mer-baby floats and dreams.....


Lynne said...

Oh, Fran....this really lifted my spirits on a bleak and rainful day. It's misty here on the bluffs....a perfect mood for fairy fossil finds. It was a treat to see the Water Babies book again...I had forgotten that I had found that for you. Just so your readers know: I didn't steal it from the library....they were having a sale, and it was an incredible find. xxxLynne

frannie said...

Happy to read your comments, I knew YOU'D like that post but am a bit sad at the dearth of comments from others lately. Do they not believe in fairies?

Knatolee said...

Beautiful!! I grew up in Scarberia, and spent a lot of time down at the bluffs. I like to think of fairy fossils there. :)

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