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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Golden Globe

This golden globe, here looking like the man-in-the-moon with a hat on, is now in our back yard and acts as our snow-level gauge. Its first home was my parents' patio, and it has a little story.

For many years my Dad had wanted a golden globe for the garden. My Mom, although sentimental in many areas, was also very practical, saying 'tut-tut, we don't need one.' But one summer we visited Butchart Gardens in Victoria B.C. and I found Dad, who had just sneaked off to get an ice-cream cone, sitting in the Victorian Rose Garden, gazing beatifically at this globe. As his birthday was coming up my sister and I granted his long-held wish.

Dad feigns surprise and delight upon seeing his golden globe.

Mom and I pose over the golden globe.

Right now we have over two feet of snow in the yard as indicated by the globe being up to its neck. Last year it was completely covered and didn't reappear till late March. Fingers crossed that it will remain visible all this winter.
This picture reminds me of that old t.v. series "The Prisoner" but then again it could be good witch Glinda coming to help Dorothy.


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Love the photo of your Dad's excitement on seeing his gift. That is so funny.

Do you think this snow will ever end?

frannie said...

Since that last shot the globe is almost covered. More snow to come tomorrow. Enough already!

javajazz said...

oooh, i like this story!
so sweet of you kids
to find a golden globe
for your daddy...!
(ps shhh! i'm sneaking
on here, as i dont usually
blog very much anymore
or ever, really!)
your blog is beautiful!
so full of art and life!
xo lisa

frannie said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for tuning in. Why did you stop blogging. I enjoyed what I saw.

javajazz said...

Hi Frannie!
(sorry, didnt see this till today!)
my blogging habits
kind of dwindled with time
and i seem to be notorious
for expressing self
more in the comments
than in the actual posts...
but i've met
a few interesting folks
in the process,
and still post
once in a blue moon...